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“In his semi-autobiographical debut author Codis Hampton II, takes the reader through his experience as a seventeen year old African-American GI stationed in South Korea during the civil Rights Movement of the 1960’s. Unchon-ni is not only a coming of age tale, it’s a  journey in which the author shares the conflict between duty, country, and heritage, as well as the suspense, mystery and adventure he experienced as a Brother of Arms. A must read…”

The Table Top Book, by Codis Hampton II
$19.95 Check this website for details. To order, forward a check or money order to Frosty LTD, PO Box 668, Pittsburg, CA. 94565. Attn: Unchon-ni Book. Copies available now. .

Also available in E Book formats via Apple Bookstore (iPad), Amazon.com for Kindle, Barnes & Noble.com for Nook and the Reader Store for the Sony Reader. Visit the noted vendors web sites for purchase and download details.

 Reviewed/written by JUNE BURGESS

Codis Hampton has written an excellent account of his experience as a very young man in the U.S. Army. Codis takes the reader on a journey into another country and two differing cultures- a small village in Korea and life as a new recruit in the U.S. Army. The reader shares his journey from the perspective of a young seventeen year old from the Midwest who joins the ranks of military men willing and eager to serve and protect their country. There are many intricate relationships between officers, grunts and indigenous villagers. Once you start reading this book it is very difficult to put it down. I found myself reading into the wee morning hours and had to literally force myself to close the covers and turn the light out! If you are curious as to how others live in a different part of the world, how the military runs and how a young man transitions from a child into a responsible adult with the assistance and support from a tight knit circle of friends and higher ranked officers then this is a must read. Interesting, spell-binding, difficult to put down!


Contact author for a special sale. Sale price is $10 per book plus shipping. Please contact the author at champtonii@yahoo.com. Author will make shipping and sale transaction for this sale price.


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