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CHIIA Group. is Katara-Rhythm’s parent company.

 CHIIA dot Com Logo Theme   CHIIA Group.: Our mission statement.

Chiia.com is here to help you, the business person succeed. In the world of business, as often in life, you have choices and opportunities for achievement. Some stand by and watch the parade of successful entrepreneurs go by. Others join in and walk with the parade while networking with their peers to improve their business processes. Needless to say, those who did not join in are left standing at the curb and wondering when their ship will come in. They don’t really understand the concept of a ship that sails on dry land, because they were never taught or thought to think outside of the box. If you have the will, we can show you the way.

Given the aforementioned statement, or as we like to call it the Groups business concept, we don’t have to employ the brightest minds, the most talented individuals and appropriately place them though-out the organization in order to have a well-run and successful business. We rely on our business associates and our ability to find the individual who has the information we need to solve a problem or complete a Plan of Action and Milestones (POAM) for a project. Business size is not an impediment to your success. Contact us for a full evaluation of your business model.

Check our parent company site at,  http://hcofa.net/


The Group consists of Katara-Rhythm.com, and the following entities,


Please be patient with us. We are building Frosty LTD on our parent company new website at http://hcofa.net/  

At Frosty LTD, we offer those special and unique items for sale. Artistry and creativity is a pre-requisite for selecting items to display. Check them out and let us know how we are doing.

CTec Tax Prepartion/Bookkeeping                  California Tax Education Council (CTec)  Registered Tax Preparer specializing in business taxes. We also offer year round bookkeeping and payroll services.

We are very excited to offer a new path to self-sufficiency. It provides you, the Entrepreneur, a way to establish a successful business. By providing excellent products that are used on a daily basis by millions of Americans, you will enhance your daily, weekly, and monthly income. It is a MUST SEE and EVALUATE business opportunity.






B.O.B.S.A (Black Owned Beauty Supply Association) connecting the dots. Circulating consumer dollars back into the community in which it earned the money.

Membership Pic TBBBC LOGO SAM theblackbox_beauty_official-logo-01 theblackbox_natural_official-logo-01


No father could be prouder of a son who is true to his beliefs and continues to  chase his dream. Catch Richie (Tycoon) Hampton at http://blackbizness.net/


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